White Tea (Camelia Sinensis)

tea plantation tsaiTea comes from the leaves of “the Camellia Sinensis plant”. It is an evergreen plant with white flowers, which reaches a height of up to 15m. After its harvest, the tea undergoes a special fermentation process. Different types of tea (white, green, Oolong, black and red) do not come from different plant varieties, as incorrectly believed, but rather from differentiated processing. Tea, depending on how it is processed, is divided into three main categories: the unfermented (white and green tea), the partially fermented (Oolong tea) and the fully fermented (black tea). It is widely believed that the antioxidant properties of white tea provide valuable anti-aging benefits for the skin.

When white tea extract comes into contact with the skin:

• It provides protection to the structural proteins of the skin, especially to collagen and elastin, by reducing the activity of the enzymes which destroy them
• It assists the skin in resisting against oxidative stress, which is a major factor in the aging of skin
• It strengthens the immune system of skin cells, which are thus protected from sunlight
• It helps the skin to recover from injuries and abrasions and helps to reduce the development of wrinkles
• There is evidence that it inhibits the development of skin cancer and skin discoloration