pumpkins phytosterols fytosterolesPhytosterols are a family of compounds which are similar to fats and are naturally produced by a variety of plants, such as vegetables, pumpkins, soybean, corn, rice, nuts etc. Phytosterols, located within plants, contribute to the creation of the structure of the cell membrane. After extensive research, it has been proved that they significantly contribute to the elasticity of skin, providing it with protection against wrinkles and aging.

Specifically, when phytosterols come into contact with the skin:
• They contribute to the production of collagen and prevent skin aging, by improving its metabolism
• They stimulate the hyaluronic acid synthesis in a natural way and augment the thickness of the skin
• They moisturize the skin, improving its elasticity and reducing the roughness of the skin
• They contribute to the reduction of wrinkles
• They rejuvenate the skin, reducing the damages caused by atmospheric pollution and UV radiation