Why should I prefer Callisto products over the ones I am currently using?

Primarily because Callisto products are based on the significantly beneficial for the skin properties of snail secretion. The products have been formulated with utmost respect to the essential needs of the epidermis using natural ingredients. Each product is completely free of parabens or of constituents considered potentially harmful to your health. In addition, we guarantee the highest quality and tangible results of our products which are all prepared in absolute adherence to the strictest EU specifications, as well as undergoing the most stringent dermatological inspections to meet the specific demands of sensitive skin.

How does snail secretion stimulate renewal of the epidermis?

Fibroblasts are the cells which compose the proteins of the connective tissue of the epidermis. These cells are responsible for the production of the skin’s structural elements inclusive of collagen, elastin fibers, structural glycoproteins and proteoglycans of the skin tissue matrix.
When snail secretion comes in contact with the epidermis, it immediately stimulates the fibroblasts, enhancing their functional capabilities and increasing their operational rate. As such, and without the use of any chemical substance, the natural skin regenerating mechanisms are reactivated which, within a very short time interval, restore the glow, firmness and elasticity of the epidermis.

You indicate that your products act deep within the skin. How is this achieved? Are they effective for all ages?

Snail secretion, renowned for its regenerative properties, accelerates cell proliferation, contributing to the increase of epidermis thickness. It assists in the elimination of dead cells and increases hyaluronic acid content in addition to improving collagen network density and providing a beneficial effect on elastin fibers. These processes are performed at the cellular level, inciting the reconstruction of the epidermis from within.
Suitable for all ages, Callisto products contribute towards restricting the symptoms of cutaneous damage, including wounds at the healing stage, solar, thermal and chemical burns and inflammations, marks and scarring, dermatitis, acne, dryness and many other skin problems.

My skin is extremely sensitive. Can I use Callisto products?

All of our products have been dermatologically tested on people who had no problems with their skin. However, we continued to the next level of dermatological testing, on sensitive skin. Our dermatological tests were done on people with sensitive skin and the results were amazing. We attribute these results to the fact that the ingredients we use to manufacture our products are of the highest standards. The tests we have done so far have shown that 98.7% of the women that tested our products did not have any problem with their skin whatsoever, while at the same time, they saw a significant improvement. We can assure you that even the most sensitive of skins have no problem with Callisto products.

Are they effective for all ages?

Yes, they are appropriate and effective for all ages:

For younger ages, the secretion moisturizes, cares for and gives a glow to the skin. It opens clogged pores, limits acne, heals and reduces the signs of acne and, most importantly, provides the necessary base for a healthy and youthful skin in older ages.

For middle ages, the secretion moisturizes and nourishes. It eliminates fine lines, reduces the depth of the first wrinkles while slowing the onset of new ones. It gives a fresh, soft uniform complexion with elasticity and a lasting glow.

For mature ages, the secretion deeply hydrates, solving problems with dryness, and gives elasticity and shine to the skin. It regenerates, tightens and revitalizes it as it reduces wrinkle depth and slows the onset of new wrinkles. It also reduces skin spots and discoloured patches for an overall radiant skin.

How can I determine my skin type? Are Callisto products suitable for all skin types?

For a guide on how to identify your skin type, click “here” and follow the instructions. It is almost certain that if you do the same procedure another day, you will probably be a bit confused, as most women experience some changes on their faces during the same month, which is mainly due to their menstrual cycle.

Choosing the most suitable Callisto cream, you will find that Callisto products are highly effective due to their unique composition and mainly because of the high percentage of snail secretion they contain. The secretion acts at a cellular level, moisturizing the deeper layers of the skin and contributing to the development of healthy tissue and the reconstruction of the epidermis from the inside. Callisto products do not just try to eliminate the symptoms the skin displays, but works at the root of the problem. After just a few days, your skin will begin to radiate and tighten as a result of its deep hydration, nourishment and rejuvenation.

Which product should I use to make brown spots and blemishes disappear from my skin?

As per our tests and trials, using a small quantity of Callisto face serum twice a day, spots that have appeared within 1-2 years, began to decolorize from the first days of application, reaching up to their gradual disappearance. 5-year spots began to decolorize at a slower pace and either disappeared entirely or were drastically diminished. For spectacular results, in combination with the serum, apply the Callisto cream which best suits your skin type.

Is there a product for age spots?

The natural snail secretion contained in the face serum of the Callisto series is also effective for age spots. Of course, the more advanced the age, the greater the problem with age spots. Nevertheless, the difference will be evident in a short time.

I have read that snail secretion is effective for rosacea. Should I use it?

Indeed, there is a study which has recently been patented in US (Patent No. 20170281690) and entitled “Pharmaceutical Composition for Preventing, Treating and Curing Rosacea, Comprising Snail Slime, Chamomile and Propolis”. According to this patent, snail secretion could be used in conjunction with any other treatment for the prevention and treatment of rosacea.

Furthermore, based on our own experience, Callisto face serum has excellent results on rosacea. Those who tried the serum saw the dryness disappear from their face in a very short period of time. The sensation of itchiness and burning was greatly reduced and the rough texture of their skin was restored. Redness and inflammation were also significantly reduced. Finally, according to those who used the serum, they observed recession of rosacea symptoms for longer periods, while outbreaks and intensity of the disease were limited. Nevertheless, we suggest that you consult your dermatologist in all cases.

I have psoriasis, eczema, melasma. What product should I use?

Although there is no healing for the moment for these situations, it is certain that snail secretion will create far better conditions for and contribute to the reduction of psoriasis, eczema and melasma symptoms. Nevertheless, we always recommend that you consult your dermatologist.

Are your products effective for everyone?

We are absolutely convinced that Callisto products are indeed effective. This certainty comes from the multiple clinical trials which have been done and from the words of praise that are conveyed to us by those who have tried them. We are not promising “immediate results” or “miracles”. But we are positive that as soon as you try them, you will discover how effective they really are. Skin care is a continuous, ongoing process, just as our commitment to physical fitness and the effects it has on our body. Our products are made with a great deal of respect for the consumer, and yes, we believe that if used properly, significant results will be seen on the skin.

How soon will I see an improvement on my face?

It all depends on the condition of your skin. If your skin has significant problems, it is certain that you will see results that will impress you in a short amount of time. Visible results in less than a week are frequent. On the contrary, if you have clear skin without any particular problems, you will soon see a radiant and soft complexion. But the most important benefit is the boost of the prevention process and the delay of the aging process.

Are your products natural?

All of the Callisto series products are natural beauty products, because they use nature’s ingredients such as snail secretion, aloe, honey, argan oil, olive oil, etc., in order to moisturize, nourish and revitalize the epidermis. In fact, most of the herbal ingredients we use are organically grown and certified. However, the word “natural” may not be the most accurate, because we also use the most advanced ingredients that the science of cosmetology has to offer. If a product is made from natural ingredients alone, it does not use the innovative elements of the pharmaceutical and technological industries, and thus these benefits are lost. Our philosophy is the following: we are determined to offer wonderful to use products which will offer the best possible results. Therefore, we are proud to say that we combine the best that nature has to offer with the latest achievements of science, in order to provide you with the most effective beauty products.

Do your products contain parabens?

Parabens are preservatives that are widely used in the cosmetics industry, to prevent bacteria from growing in the cosmetic products. For the time being there is no medical study proving that they are unsafe for the human body. However, there exist indications connecting parabens with endocrinal activity (harmful effects on the body’s hormone system), with cancer and specifically breast cancer, with human fecundity and with side effects on the male reproductive system. This is the reason that Callisto products do not contain parabens.

Also, our products do not contain alcohol, paraffin oil, petroleum jelly, propylene glycol, colorants and any other ingredient that would have any connection with problems related to the human body.

Have your products been dermatologically tested?

When you see the term “dermatologically tested” on the packaging of a cosmetic product, it means that the manufacturer has handed it to a specialized company that has used it to perform dermatological tests on people who do not have skin problems. If the manufacturer of this cosmetic wishes to do so, he proceeds to the next level of dermatological testing, which is to be tested on people with sensitive skin. If it passes the trials, this cosmetic will be labelled with ‘Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin’ on the package.

Yes, Callisto products have successfully passed both types of dermatological tests and are suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. Do not hesitate to use them!

Have you received approval from the National Organization for Medicines (NOM) for your products?

For each of our products, a complete file with all of the product data has been submitted, to the NOM (A.P. EOF: 72362, 72363, 72364, 72365). Holistic Health Synergies follows the European Union product approval procedures faithfully. Also, as of June 2013, all cosmetic companies are required to disclose their product information to the EU, as well as to ensure that all the proper manufacturing procedures of the European Union have been followed. The EU has been fully informed about Callisto products (CPNP: 2075045, 2075049, 2075053, 2075058, 2075174).

How should Callisto cosmetics be stored? Do they need to be refrigerated?

No, you do not have to put them in the refrigerator, even in the summer. Our cosmetics have passed all the required checks for effectiveness and security. However, it is very important to always keep them in the shade and in a cool place. Please do not forget them under the sun or on the radiator, because this will significantly change their properties.

Where Callisto products have been developed?

Callisto products have been developed and tested in Greek laboratories, by Greek scientists. The manufacturing process is taking place at a Greek cosmetic products manufacturer, located at Agios Dimitrios, near Athens.

What process do you use to extract the secretion from the snails? Are the snails harmed during this process?

The collection of the biological excretion of the snail is made with utmost respect to this little creature. The method is innovative and the snails do not suffer in any way. At the end of the process, and once they have given us this precious gel, they return to their natural environment and continue to live as before. A month later, the same procedure is used again, and they give us their secretion once more, a substance that can not be produced artificially in even the most sophisticated workshop. Great care is exercised when handling the secretion during the extraction. It does not come into contact with any chemicals, which would cause it to suffer alteration and lose some of its properties. Not even water, which would cause the degradation of its enzymes from hydrolysis.

During the manufacture and testing of your products, are any animals used?

No, never. Before they reach the consumer, our products undergo a range of tests that have never, and will never be, done on animals. Because our products are natural, we are so convinced of how safe they are, that we do our clinical trials on people who have sensitive skin and/or problems with their skin.

Do I pay shipping costs when buying products from your website?

If the total cost of the products you order is over € 50.00, you are not charged with shipping costs (3.00 €) or cash on delivery costs (3.00 €). You will be charged with these costs for orders that amount to less than € 50.00.

How and when will I receive my order?

The products you order will be delivered to you by the ELTA courier company. If you place your order by 13:00 p.m. on a weekday, the parcel will be delivered to you at your door on the next work day (weekday) or the day after that (usually for the islands). For more details, please read about shipping here.