Snail Secretion: Optimally Result-Full!!

snail saligariThe properties of the secretion of the snail, of the gastropod Helix Aspersa Müller, the famous Cretan slug, were known from the time of Hippocrates. Nevertheless, just recently, scientific studies have shown that the biological fluid that the snail secretes has physical properties that are not easily found in nature. It is rich in proteins and peptides and has increased regenerative and reconstructive properties for human skin. Multiple clinical trials that followed showed that the secretion:

  • Increases hyaluronic acid production, improves network collagen chain density and facilitates the natural process of synthesis of new elastin fibres
  • Encourages and stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, thereby combating expression lines, and the first wrinkles that come with age, while reducing the depth of older wrinkles
  • Has reconstructive properties and increases the rate of cell proliferation, thus resulting in faster cell renewal, skin volume enhancement and the regeneration of the skin
  • Deeply hydrates the skin and maintains it bright and firm
  • Is totally effective against skin aging, reducing or even reversing the damage from the effects of ultraviolet radiation. It smooths or even eliminates fine wrinkles resulting from exposure to sunlight, thus preventing the premature aging of the skin and slowing the appearance of wrinkles
  • Has high moisturizing and keratolytic properties, acting effectively and in depth, thus restoring the elasticity and plasticity of the epidermis
  • Enhances the natural ability of the skin to shed dead cells (exfoliation), thereby increasing the softness of the skin. It removes dead cells from dull and tired skin, making it look radiant, youthful and uniform in colour
  • Restricts teenage acne as well as adult acne and scars that result from it
  • Significantly reduces and combats brown spots, even chronic ones, by acting in the deepest layers of the skin, as opposed to chemical products that only whiten the outer layers of the skin making it more photosensitive
  • Significantly reduces blemishes and freckles
  • Reduces sunspots and the discoloration of skin, while limiting the development of age spots
  • Cleans out the clogged pores of the skin from the excess sebum, while simultaneously reducing sebum
  • Prevents the development of metalloproteinases (MMPs) which are responsible for cell degeneration, the degradation of the proteins of the extracellular matrix and intrinsic ageing
  • Increases fibronectin reserves, resulting in better support of the epidermis on the skin
  • Aids in the healing of wounds and the recovery of skin lesions, significantly limiting the extent of residual scar formation while simultaneously boasting soothing anti-inflammatory properties
  • Is a powerful anti-aging agent, because it is an excellent antioxidant. It prevents or even isolates the free radicals that oxidize and age the skin, when the human antioxidant arsenal is weakened by stress, environmental and dietary toxins and of course aging.