Hexanoyl Dipeptide Norleucine Acetate

Dipeptide Dipeptidio

Over time, the rate of renewal of skin cells slows down, which results in the appearance of the first wrinkles. Simultaneously, difficulty in natural hydration, roughness and discoloration of the skin appear. Dipeptide Hexanoyl Norleucine Acetate loosens the ties that keep keratinocytes bonded and thus facilitates natural exfoliation. Dead cells are eliminated at a faster rate and the skin becomes smoother and brighter with a more uniform complexion.

When dipeptide Hexanoyl Norleucine Acetate comes in contact with skin:
• It relaxes the links between the keratinocytes, contributing to faster exfoliation of the skin in a bio mimetic way
• It refreshes and regenerates the skin
• It reduces fine lines and uneven pigmentation