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Snail - CALLISTO Face Serum - ekkrima saligariou

Μικροβελονισμός και Έκκριμα Σαλιγκαριού (MicroNeedling)

Αισθητικός χειρουργός στις ΗΠΑ συνδυάζει τον μικροβελονισμό με το έκκριμα του σαλιγκαριού και δηλώνει ότι με αυτήν την νέας γενιάς θεραπεία του, οι ασθενείς του κάνουν προληπτικά και ταυτόχρονα δυναμικά βήματα για μια αναγεννημένη, λαμπερή και νεανική επιδερμίδα που αψηφά τη βαρύτητα.

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Κρέμες, Κραγιόν & Σέρουμ Paraben Free

Parabens: Are They Really That Bad?

What are Parabens? Parabens are a group of chemical compounds produced in the laboratory and used as preservatives. They possess very powerful antimicrobial properties, their manufacturing cost is very low […]

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Cocoa Fruits and Seeds

Cocoa: Superfood of Longevity

Put unprocessed cocoa seeds or cacao nibs in your life. They possess very high nutritional value and offer multiple benefits for the whole body. If you cannot find them in this form, you can replace one of your coffees with a hot cocoa beverage. You will be treating yourself to a superfood!

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Beauty - Elegant Skin

Which is my Skin Type?

In order to be able to have the most radiant and youthful skin possible, you should determine its type. This will allow you to care for it in the best possible way and slow down the natural aging process. Russians say that, “after the age of 30, a woman looks the way she deserves to.”

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Υγεία & Διατροφή - Φρέσκα λαχανικά

Get Well, Stay Well and Manage your Health!!!

Our state of health, our life length and its quality are fully dependent on the quality of our food. Meals without nutritional value contribute to our cells’ and organs’ degeneration. Most serious diseases are attributed to poor nutrition and could be avoided. Food is and should be our natural energy drug!!

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Snail: Impressively Resultful

Medical study proves that snail secretion possesses regenerative and antioxidant properties. It stimulates the fibronectin and the generation of collagen and elastin on the epidermis resulting to a significant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It restricts scarring from wounds and can ….

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