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At a glance

  • Our current and tomorrow’s physical, mental and psychological states, are entirely dependent on our food. The quality of our food determines the length and the quality of our life.
  • “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician and father of medicine was saying twenty-five centuries ago.
  • Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and many other diseases are directly related to poor nutrition.
  • If we do not receive the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of our cells, then our tissues and organs will become compromised and conditions for diseases and premature aging are being created.
  • Prevention is the only way to support the natural capacity of our body to self-heal, avoiding the more aggressive approaches of drugs and surgery.

The Role of Nutrition in our Health

Our health depends on what we eat and what we drink daily. The food we consume as well as our overall diet is the most significant factor that determines our present and tomorrow’s physical, mental and psychological condition. From the moment we are born, or more precisely well before this, till our present moment, the way we have nourished our body is what determines our present state of health. It is what determines our tomorrow’s health, the length of our life and mostly our general well-being.

Every time we choose to eat or drink something, we make an important decision. This decision will affect our body, our mind, even our soul, in a positive or negative way.

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician who lived during Greece’s Classical period, who is traditionally regarded as the father of medicine, twenty-five centuries ago when teaching, he emphasized his main principle: “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

In fact, it is well known that food is not just the fuel for our body but also its medicine. It is scientifically proven that diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and many other diseases are directly related, by a small or large percentage, to poor nutrition.

And Yet We Are Malnourished!

When we talk about malnourishment our mind goes to hungry children of the Third World. But many of us, in the developed western societies, also suffer from malnourishment, which however is not related to the lack of food but to unbalanced diet. We may eat food in large quantities, but still continue to be malnourished. The reason is that we do not consume the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of our cells, or our organs. And most importantly, even if we are “almost ill” we do not show any sign of illness. Nonexistence of these signs does not mean that our health is in good condition. One day, unexpectedly and without any previous indication, we will be diagnosed with “high sugar levels” or “high blood pressure”.

Most of us, in today’s western society, we think that we have provided our body with the necessary nutrients when we feel our stomach full. However, our cells, after a meal of processed products, full of calories and preservatives and lacking nutrients, are unable to serve the body’s needs. On the contrary, this lack of nutrients which is called malnutrition, creates the proper conditions for diseases and premature aging.

Poor Nutrition Degenerates Our Body

Our cells require a constant supply of nutrients to maintain the biological order that keeps them alive and to perform their basic functions.  Since the human body does not synthesize nutrients, they must be obtained from the food, making them essential. Consuming food with no nutritional value, will gradually result in degenerative disorders.

Side effects of bad nutrition do not appear overnight. Problems begin at a young age with obesity, often colds, rashes, pains or stomach upsets, swollen glands, ear pains and other minor problems. Parents usually do not pay attention, as most children often experience such problems. Things however become worse in adulthood, with blood glucose and cholesterol raising, memory reduction, kidney and waist pain, respiratory problems, hypertension, continuous fatigue, insomnia, heart and stroke incidents, depression, psychological problems etc. And later, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia incidentally appear. All these serious problems, in addition to the patient’s health, also destroy the life of his loved ones.

Most cases of these diseases are resulting from poor diet and poor lifestyle. And most of them could be avoided!

The Ways to Well-being!

The easiest and safest way to bring ourselves back to global well-being is by making healthy food choices. We should start offering our body the nutritional value needed to optimize its own regenerative powers and fix its problems. We should begin consuming food that contains the nutrients our cells need to function properly. It is sure that the body has the natural ability to self-heal, when of course given the right nutrients and opportunity.

This effort should be gradual. There is no need to immediately shift from one way of life to the other. However, we need to make a start. We should begin by not eating late at night and by putting an end to late-night snacking. A couple of weeks later, we could start eating together with our food or better before our main food a rich green salad, without depriving ourselves of anything else we used to eat. We shall soon realize the results of this effort. We shall see real results in weight, blood pressure, sleep etc. and then, on our own, we will start making more steps. We will not want to follow our old way anymore. Because life without disease and pain, and life full of health and wellness is much better!


Medical Science and Our Food Choices

We all recognize today’s advances in medical science, and the role of medicine and pharmacology in treating illnesses. However, we should believe in disease prevention. Our aim should not be to cure the illness when it appears. On the contrary, we should focus on prevention. We should do our best to follow a balanced diet, which is a combination of balanced foods. We should make small and progressive steps toward a better life, so as to support the physical capacity of our body for self-esteem. This is the only way to avoid future aggressive approaches of medicines and surgeries, which have by no means succeeded in limiting the current epidemics of diabetes, strokes, heart disease and cancer.

On the contrary, a diet based on complete and natural foods can be absolutely effective and can dramatically lower today’s high percentages of people affected by Western diet diseases. The human body needs key nutrients found in vegetables, fruits, seeds, wild greens, germs, etc. It needs natural foods containing enzymes, vitamins, trace elements and other essential nutrients, which are vital for maintaining health. A nutrition of this type can control the effects, or even reverse chronic health conditions.

Our Health in Our Own Hands!

If we want to help ourselves, if we wish health and well-being, we must believe that food is the most important medicine for our body, our spirit and our soul! Making healthier food choices is paramount in living a healthier, more vibrant and more youthful life, because food is our energy medicine. Many syndromes, can actually be healed by dietary and lifestyle alterations, whereas traditional medicine would just continue to mask the symptoms. And we should remember that it is only us who can take our health into our own hands!!!

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