snail saligkari allantoinAllantoin is a priceless ingredient with calming, soothing, healing and moisturizing properties, widely used in dermatology and cosmetology. It has powerful epithelial properties and contributes to the rapid reproduction of skin cells, thereby contributing to the creation of new, healthy skin tissue. It has strong moisturizing and keratolytic effects and significantly provides elasticity and plasticity to the skin.
When Allantoin comes in contact with the skin:
• Due to its strong Keratolytic action, it helps in faster expulsion of keratinocyte cells from the skin, making it brighter
• It accelerates the growth of healthy tissue and thereby regenerates and reconstructs the skin
• It acts as a protective barrier against skin dryness, improving its ability to retain water, thus making the skin smooth and soft
• It enhances the health of skin, helping to heal burns, wounds and scars
• It contributes to limiting all types of skin irritation